Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom meet the Pope, step out together in Rome

A few days after Katy Perry declared that she was “spoken for,” the “American Idol” host and Orlando Bloom have resurfaced as a reported couple in a grand way.

On Saturday morning, Perry and Bloom were spotted on a holy date in Vatican City, and snapped shaking the hand of Pope Francis during the “United to Cure” international conference.

The 33-year-old singer and the 41-year-old actor both donned black outfits in the presence of the Bishop of Rome and waited among the crowds to greet him inside the Paul VI Hall.

Later during the “United to Cure” ceremony, an intimate moment between the two was captured, showing Perry resting her hand on Bloom’s leg.

Perry documented the special outing on social media sharing several videos and photos on Instagram.

“Happy Saturday, everyone. I’m here in Rome at the Vatican about to speak on meditation,” Perry said in a video shared on her Instagram story, as she arrived at the Vatican.

In the video, the singer also revealed that her mother, Mary Hudson, joined her and Bloom on their Vatican City outing.

Perry’s recent visit to the Roman Catholic capital is somewhat ironic following the news of the singer’s controversial estate case when Perry sought to purchase property from two nuns for $14.5 million in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The long battle over the 8-acre convent between Perry and the nuns began in 2015. In March, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, one of the nuns involved in the lawsuit filed by the singer, died after collapsing in court.

According to TMZ, the nun was in court for a post-judgment hearing that was related to Perry’s convent case when she collapsed.

Hours before her death, Holzman told KTTV, “We asked [local businesswoman Dana Hollister] to save us, to buy the property. She had nothing to do with forcing herself on us.”

She added: “And to Katy Perry, please stop. It’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people.”

The two nuns had wanted friend and entrepreneur Dana Hollister to buy the property instead of Perry, trusting that Hollister would honor the spirit of their former homestead. But a judge last year voided the sale to Hollister and ruled the archdiocese, and not the nuns, had the right to sell the property.

Perry succeeded in winning her suit and now owns the property.

But Sister Rita Callanan, the other nun fighting Perry, has refused to give up. The nun decided to appeal the case to Pope Francis himself, who Perry and Bloom just had the honor of meeting.

“They’ll have to kill me first if they want to keep me quiet,” Callanan told Fox News at the time, referring to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which she said wrongly sold the property to Perry. “I am asking Pope Francis to intercede.”

Both Callanan and Holzman, who was 89 when she died, vowed they would fight to the end for the property the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary owned for more than 40 years.

Ten years ago this month, Perry’s infamous single, “I Kissed A Girl” was released.

Perry and Bloom previously made headlines in 2017, when Bloom was photographed naked during a paddleboard outing with Perry.

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