Keith Urban Hit Hard By News Of Eddie Van Halen’s Death

Keith Urban says the news of Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen‘s death hit him hard.

“There are lots of great guitar players in the world, but very very few true innovators,” according to the country singer-guitarist.

Urban described Van Halen as “A player with extraordinary touch.”

“Players who seem to have arrived from a far distant planet, and who bring a completely new color to the rainbow. Eddie Van Halen was this and so much more. Even without the finger-tapping, you had a player with extraordinary touch, tone, and a rhythmic pocket and bounce that floated like Ali in the ring. He was a master of complex solos that spoke to non-musicians…THAT IS HARD TO DO. The reason was the exquisite melody in his heart and the joy in his soul of playing FOR people — and it came through like a ray of sun we ALL felt,” Urban wrote on Twitter.

He also shared a black and white photo of Van Halen playing guitar on stage.

One of the most pioneering guitarists in rock music history, Van Halen died of cancer at the age of 65 in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

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