Kendall Kylie Jenner Relationship After Stormi Birth, Elle Interview

When Kylie Jenner gave birth to daughter Stormi Webster at the beginning of February, the whole world was shook. Sure, everyone basically knew she was pregnant although she tried to keep it on the DL, but still — the 20-year-old went from being a selfie-loving Instagram superstar to a mom overnight, and that’s a lot to take in!

If you thought your world was rocked by KJ’s baby news, you can probably imagine how her whole family felt when she announced she was pregnant. Older sister Kendall Jenner says it was “a bit weird” that the Life of Kylie star became a mom first.

“It’s obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you,” the supermodel told Elle magazine for the June 2018 issue, which she covers. “I didn’t expect it to happen like this. But it’s beautiful.”

The 20- and 22-year-olds have always been close, but Stormi’s birth has actually made their relationship even stronger.

Kenny added, “It’s brought us closer together. We’ve always been very close, but we would butt heads all the time. This has made her a bit more loving toward me.”

Family for life!

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