Is Kenya Moore Faking Her Pregnancy? Fans Slam Her After First ‘Bump’ Pic

Is Kenya Moore really pregnant? Fans are suspicious after she posted a recent photo that some believe doesn’t show any signs of a baby bump!

Kenya Moore, 47, recently posted a picture of herself and her husband Marc Daly on May 15 at a driving range, and many of her fans took to Twitter with one question in mind: where’s the baby bump? That’s right, people are claiming that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is allegedly faking her own pregnancy, and they think this pic is proof. One fan wrote, “You should be showing or close to delivery by now.” After Kenya asked what she should name a potential Real Housewives spin-off in a tweet, one person dryly remarked, “Pregnot.” Another fan wrote, “Can’t believe people falling for another of Kenya lies…” Take a look at the full pic that some believe fails to show a baby bump and read fans’ reactions below!

The incredulous reactions came pouring in on her Instagram post, too. One commenter wrote, “I thought you were pregnant? Oh I get it #TryingToStayRelevant.” Another asked, “Where is the pregnant belly?” One Instagram user commented, “I thought she was pregnant. What happened?” When it comes to her pregnancy, a lot of her fans just aren’t convinced by this pic.

In addition to fans calling her out for her apparent lack of a baby bump, they were also questioning where Marc’s wedding ring was. Kenya noted that his wedding ring was on a nearby table in her caption, writing, “#DateNight with bae ❤️ (Bae’s ring is on the table thank you for asking).” However, she failed to reply to any of the comments about her baby bump.

Time will tell whether or not Kenya addresses the fan backlash or comments on the rumors that she’s not pregnant. In the meantime, check out the pic above and judge for yourself.

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