Kerry Katona opens up on mystery illness and being in a ‘lot of pain’ from hospital bed

Kerry Katona has opened up about her recent health emergency.

The 38 year old former Atomic Kitten member wrote her latest new! magazine column from her hospital bed, after being struck down by a mystery illness.

Kerry wrote that after extensive tests, doctors were still unsure what had caused her to be hospital bound for three days.

She wrote: "Woe is me, I’m writing this from my hospital bed! I’ve been here for three days and the doctors still don’t know what’s wrong with me.

"Initially I thought it was bad case of kidney stones because the pain was so hideous, but that’s been ruled out. I’ve had a CT scan, an MRI and suppositories stuck up my bum – all sorts!"

However, the mum-of-five admitted that being away from her family – and the domestic responsibilities involved in running such a large household – was quite welcomed.

She added: “That said, I’m loving it a little bit – it’s a nice break from dealing with the kids and the housework! But just to reassure everyone, I’ll be alright. I’m not dying, I’m just in lot of pain.”

Kerry kept her concerned fans updated last week, as she posted pictures of her five-year-old daughter, Dylan-Jorge, visiting her at hospital, and also her friends popping in to show their support.

In the same new! column, Kerry gave a stark warning to Little Mix. She admitted that in her Atomic Kitten days backstage cat fights and pranks were commonplace, and she hoped that the members of Little Mix wouldn’t go down the same road.

She wrote: "I see Little Mix are on tour. I love the girls, but from someone who's been there, I'd tell them to give themselves a bit of space from each other on the road, as it's easy to fall out.

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"I remember some of the fight we had in Atomic Kitten back in the day. Once, Liz punched me from behind after we had a little row. I was furious and got my own back.

"I made her get changed in the toilets at SMTV Live, then I stamped on her feet while we were up on stage singing Whole Again.

"It was silly stuff, but we were sisters, and sisters fight! I just hope lovely Little Mix stay on good terms – as least until the end of the tour!"

Kerry has had an all round tough year. In addition to her recent health crisis, her ex-husband and father of her daughter Dylan-Jorge, George Kay, died in July.

The former rugby league star, 39, died of a suspected drugs overdose.

Kerry has since denied saying she was “glad” George had passed, and has found comfort in attending the celebrity favourite but controversial Church Hillsong.

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