Kesha’s lawyer rips Dr. Luke’s defamation accusation

“The CEO of a major record label” told Kesha that her former music producer, Dr. Luke, raped fellow singer Katy Perry, and that’s simply what she passed on to Lady Gaga, according to Kesha’s lawyer.

Luke is claiming Kesha defamed him by lying about the Perry attack to gain leverage in her own sex-assault suit against him.

But Kesha lawyer Bo Pearl said his client was simply privately passing on what she heard.

“The startling statement [by the industry exec] was subsequently discussed in a private, one-on-one text message between Kesha and Lady Gaga,” Pearl said in a new statement.

“It would have remained completely private, except that Dr. Luke and his team took a text obtained only in discovery and decided to publish it to millions of people in his amended complaint against Kesha.”

Luke’s legal team responded, “Kesha and her legal team are fully aware that Ms. Perry has unequivocally confirmed that she was not raped by Dr. Luke.

Kesha and her attorneys should be ashamed of themselves for not publicly acknowledging this and apologizing.

Instead, they continue to publicize this and other falsehoods.”

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