Kevin Smith thought he was high during heart surgery

Kevin Smith got so high shortly before his massive heart attack, he thought he was still stoned during his surgery.

“I didn’t know until I was in the operating room that I had a heart attack,” Smith, 47, revealed on “Today” on Monday. “[The doctor was] like, ‘You had a massive heart attack.’ I was like, ‘Nobody told me. Are you serious?’ And he’s like, ‘What’s your pain threshold on a 0 to 10?’ I was like, ‘-3.’ He was like, ‘Are you high?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I got blazed before my show, maybe that’s why I feel no pain.’ ”

As it turned out, it was actually fentanyl administered by his doctors that made him feel so pain-free — and the fact that he finally had a heart that was pumping properly after years of a 100 percent blockage in his “widowmaker” artery.

The “Clerks” star said he believed his heart attack, which occurred in late February between two standup sets (and that he initially believed was simply a reaction to “bad milk”), was the best thing that ever happened to him.

In fact, he was so chipper while going under the knife that he was singing.

“They keep you awake while it’s going on, they don’t knock you out, so I was talking the whole operation,” he said. “[The doctor] told me later on, ‘You’re very chatty … you were singing a song, “Degrassi.” ‘ And I was singing the theme song to ‘Degrassi’ because it’s very hopeful.”

Smith, who dropped 32 pounds since his heart attack, plans to keep going beyond his doctor-recommended 50 pounds. He dropped the first 17 pounds using Penn Jillette’s potato diet and plans to shed the remaining weight using Weight Watchers.

“They made me an ambassador. So it’s me, Oprah and DJ Khaled,” he said. “I’m in pretty good company.”

That said, don’t expect Smith to give up all of his pre-heart attack habits just because he’s on a health kick now.

“I’m a wake-and-baker,” he admitted. “I’m feeling fantastic.”

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