Khloe Kardashian Struggling With Breastfeeding Baby True, Kris Jenner Reveals: ‘It’s Tricky’

There’s no doubt Khloe Kardashian is facing many challenges as a new mom. As it turns out, one of the biggest ones is also something she’s been looking forward to most — breastfeeding! Watch Kris Jenner explain here.

Months before Khloe Kardashian, 33, even gave birth, she revealed to fans she was determined to breastfeed. But now that baby True Thompson has arrived, nursing has turned out to be super challenging for the new mom. Her own mom, Kris Jenner, 62, even opened up about it while appearing on the May 4 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At the same time, Kris got emotional while sharing that Khloe is a fantastic mom and just trying to focus on that rather than Tristan Thompson‘s, 27, cheating scandal.

“Khloe is amazing. I am so proud of that kid,” the momager gushed while visibly tearing up. “I get choked up because she’s such a good mom and honestly, I get so emotional. I was just in Cleveland last week and it was snowing, and she was all nestled in the nursery, and the baby — she’s just concentrating on that; just being a mom and her baby. I think that’s what her sisters are doing as well.”

When the first videos of Tristan cheating on Khloe surfaced, which was also just 24 hours before Khloe went into labor, Kris revealed the whole Kardashian fam was instantly there for KoKo. “I think we do what we always do, and that’s spring into action with love. We all hopped on a plane and flew to Cleveland because that’s what we know to do. I’m there to support my kids no matter what happens,” Kris told Ellen.

“I just do the best I can, just like anyone else would for their family. There’s a lot of us, you know. …We’re a force to be reckoned with.” Kris explained she and other members of the family were there to “support” Khloe and she ended up giving birth “within hours” of them landing in Ohio. “It was crazy. It was very exciting though at the same time,” she said. The craziest part? Kris actually flew Khloe’s doctor out!

“We knew she was going to have the baby within a week, and then I brought the doctor,” Kris said. “So I had the doctor on the plane and the nurse practitioner and I’m like, ‘We got to get there!’ And then we were calling from the plane going, ‘What’s going on?’ And ‘She just got her epidural!’ I didn’t even think we would make it. But we did.” Talk about a wild birth story!

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