Kim Kardashian Gets ‘Mom-Shamed’ For Showing Off Posterior In New Mirror Selfie On Instagram

Kim Kardashian seems intent on “breaking the internet” once more.

The reality TV star posted a revealing mirror selfie to her Instagram page on Friday. In the photo, she’s wearing high-cut “thong” underwear and you can see the reflection of her posterior in the mirror.

“Say good night and go,” Kardashian wrote in the caption of the post.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has 116 million followers on Instagram and some of them expressed appreciation for the photo.

“Kim is so damn fine” one fan commented, while another wrote, “Kim can you just stop… You put everyone to shame lol jk slay girl.”

But many of the commenters slammed Kim for posting the sultry photo because she’s the mother of three children.

“You are no doubt beautiful I suspect you are also a kind person as well,” one person wrote. “With that being said, I’m surprised at this very revealing pic especially considering you are the Mother and role model for your children.”

“What would you say if your daughter posted this – or kids from school said things? ” another commented. “You are amazingly beautiful- but.. what image do you want your kids to have?”

Kardashian has become known for posting almost nude photos on her social media platforms and this isn’t the first time that commenters have used the fact that she’s a mother to shame her for them.

As StyleCaster reports, she received the same treatment when she posted an almost nude photo seven months ago. In both cases, some of Kardashian’s fans came to her defense and supported her right to post whatever she wants to on her Instagram account.

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Kim Kardashian has received mommy shaming for other reasons as well. As InStyle reports, in June of last year, observers on social media heavily criticized her for sharing a photo of her son sitting forward in a car seat. The laws in California state that children younger than 2-years-old must be placed in a rear-facing car seat for their safety.

But Kim clapped back by stating that her son meets the height and weight requirements to sit in a forward facing car seat.

“What people didn’t know is that Saint is now the weight and the height requirement to sit forward-facing. Saint actually weighs more than North, if that is believable, he does. And it is wild,” she said on her app and website.

InStyle also reports that she also confirmed that she uses a luxury handbag as Saint’s diaper bag. She tempered the admission by adding that it’s an old Hermes Birkin bag. She said that she purchased the handbag a long time ago and found that it was a perfect diaper bag when she had her babies.

Hermes bags normally retail between $12,000 to $200,000, according to an article on Fortune Magazine

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