Kim Kardashian opens up about how Paris robbery changed her

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Kim Kardashian got robbed at gun point in her hotel in Paris.

And, now Kim has opened up about the ordeal yet again and has even gone as far to admit that it was ‘supposed to happen’.


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‘It was supposed to happen to me. I was supposed to learn a lot from that,’ Kim confessed in a recent interview.

‘[Those] little signs along the way, you really do have to pay attention. And for me that made me a better person morally and just for the things that are important to me; how I’m going to raise my kids or just what I care to show,’ Kim continued.

Millions of pounds worth of jewellery was stolen from Kim while she was tied up by a gang. The gang reportedly knew that the 37-year-old – who is mum to North, four, Saint, two, and three-month-old daughter, Chicago – was alone as they had seen on Snapchat.

‘I’m really cautious of all of that now. I don’t really post in real time anymore. I just don’t like people knowing my every move,’ Kim admitted in the same interview with the Business of Fashion.

After the robbery Kim drastically paired back her look, she was wearing noticeably less jewellery and even opted for much more basic social media snaps. In the frank interview Kim goes on to reveal that the terrifying robbery left her with such bad anxiety that she feared leaving the house.

‘I used to have really bad anxiety going to restaurants, thinking people are going to know that I’m at a restaurant and that my home is empty, and that they might go to my house and try to take my stuff, or they might know exactly when I’m coming back if they’re timing it and watching, if I’m out in public,’ Kim revealed. ‘I started to get this phobia of going out.’

Thankfully, Kim has since been working through her trauma.

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