Kim Kardashian Reveals Her ‘Biggest Nightmare’ & It’s Not What You’d Expect

Kim Kardashian just got real about what her ‘biggest nightmare’ is & honestly, her answer is out of the blue! Find out what the reality star’s greatest fear is here!

Some say our fears are what define us — well, at least Batman would say that. While you may think Kim Kardashian‘s greatest fear is getting robbed by Parisian thieves again, or whatever Kanye West might tweet next, you’d be wrong. Because Kim just posted a video on her Instagram Live and it delves into what triggers her the most: dogs. That’s right, while Kim was riding in her car, she recorded groups of dogs being walked along both sides of the road. Along with the video, she told her followers, “If anyone knows me, this is my biggest nightmare…” Which is dogs. Lots and lots of dogs are Kim’s greatest fear. Check out pics of her “biggest nightmare” below.

Speaking of things Kim hasn’t been so fond of, the mother-of-three recently ended her feud with Tristan Thompson after his alleged cheating scandal. In fact, while they were at Khloe Kardashian‘s birthday party, Kim actually recorded the moment he unblocked her on Instagram. Before the moment went down, Kim posted a video saying, “Alright guys what do you think? It’s Khloe’s birthday– do you think I should ask this guy to unblock me?”

While she might have buried the ax with Tristan, she recently clapped at some haters in a big way. While trolls have accused her of only being with Kanye for money, one fan stuck up for her, tweeting, “Kim Kardashian is really a down ass wife. Y’all can say whatever tf you want about her but when the whole world was barking on her husband she stood by his side in public and told him he was wrong in private. And don’t be like ‘it’s for the money,’ sis was rich before she met him.” To which Kim hilariously replied, “Okkkkkurrrrr”.

We’ll keep you posted if any other celebs open up about their hilarious fears. In the meantime, we hope Kim is having a dog-free day.

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