Kim Kardashian Slides Into Kanye West's Instagram Comments and Asks Him to "Stop" With False Narratives

Kim Kardashian has once again broken her silence on escalating tension between her and Kanye West—specifically Kanye’s repeated claims that he is being kept from their children. In a rare move, Kim slid into the comments of Kanye’s recent Instagram post (featuring some pins on their daughter North’s backpack), asking him to “stop this narrative.”

“This was on my daughters back pack when I was ‘allowed’ to see her last week,” Kanye wrote in the post. “This is why I go so hard for my family I am wired to protect my family at all cost As the priest of my home Don’t worry Northy God is still alive.”

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In response, Kim wrote, “Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school.”

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