Kim Kardashian Wears Barely-There Bra & Underwear For Sexy Selfie Break While ‘Packing’ — See Pic

When Kim Kardashian has to decide what to wear, sometimes the choice is next to nothing at all! We’ve got her racy bra and undies mirror selfie where she’s flaunting her famous curves.

Kim Kardashian‘s so proud of her body and can’t get enough of taking nearly nude selfies. She was back at it again on June 19 showing a sexy IG pic in her skimpy underwear. The 37-year-old mother of three is seen on her knees in front of a large mirror with a giant rack of clothes behind her. She didn’t bother to wear any of them and just went with a tight black bra that pushed up her ample cleavage and a tiny pair of matching thong underwear. Her waist looks skinnier than ever in the photos and from the position she kneeling in, she’s clearly enjoying the thigh gap she earned through her stringent dieting. She must be traveling somewhere because she wrote “packing” under the Instagram stories photo.

At this point Kim in her undies isn’t really a shock, as she’s posed nude several times and loves sharing IG photos nearly in the buff. Earlier in the day she wore a plunging braless blouse to a Los Angeles event with mom Kris Jenner. Her shirt was unbuttoned all the way down to her waist and she kept having to slightly adjust it during an interview about her cosmetics line, as her boobs were constantly on the verge of nearly falling out. So actually Kimmy in her skivvies in private is a little less racy that what she was wearing for a public event earlier in the day.

One place where Kim covered up was on her May 31 visit to the White House to meet with President Donald Trump, 72, about prison reform. She wisely wore a stylish but baggy black pant suit and high necked black top for the meeting, hiding her famous curves from the notorious ladies man’s eyes. That had to have bummed out Trump pretty badly.

But hey, her charm and beauty worked as Trump later commuted the sentence of jailed grandmother Alice Johnson. Kim had lobbied him on her behalf to free Alice from her life sentence for a first-time non-violent drug offense. After 22 years in prison, the 63-year-old was freed by Trump’s order on June 7. She and Kim later got to meet in person and both women couldn’t stop hugging each other.

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