Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban MUGGED — Robber Reportedly Pointed A Gun At His Mother’

Thinking of Jonathan Cheban and his family right now after a very scary close call on Sunday night in New Jersey…

The self-proclaimed ‘Foodgod’ and Kim Kardashian West‘s longtime BFF apparently had a $250,000 watch stolen by armed robbers late last night in the city of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. But judging by the story of the armed robbery itself, we’re thankful it was only replaceable items that were lost.

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According to law enforcement sources who spoke to TMZ about the matter, Cheban was hanging out on Sunday with his mom, and the two of them spent time during the day at a mall in the Englewood Cliffs area. From there, they drove over to one of his friend’s houses. While all three of them were standing outside in the driveway and chatting, a young man walked up to them and asked for the time.

Sources claim the reality TV star immediately sensed something was amiss, and told his mom and friend to head inside — but by then the young man allegedly pulled out a gun and began barking orders. Cops say he moved the trio between two cars parked in the driveway, trapping them from running; then the mugger pointed his gun directly at Cheban’s mother’s head while asking everyone for their valuables and money. OMG!

Jonathan quickly did the right thing, telling the guy to take whatever he wanted — which ultimately included Cheban’s own Richard Mille watch, valued at roughly $250,000. That’s a hell of a thing to lose in a robbery but, again, it pales in comparison to life, especially when someone is brazen enough to point a gun at your own mother’s head right in front of you… Wow…

After a while, neighbors came outside after hearing commotion, and the gunman was scared off by the attention, fleeing on foot. TMZ is reporting law enforcement sources believe there to be two men involved in the incident: the younger man who physically robbed Cheban’s group, and a second “larger man” who was standing guard in the area.

Though there are no apparent leads as to the perpetrators yet, insiders report Cheban is “supposed to go in and help with a sketch of the suspects.” Apparently neither one had a mask on, which thankfully may make identifying them somewhat easier.

We’re just glad everyone is physically safe and unharmed after that horrifying incident. We can’t get over the thought of someone pointing a gun at Cheban’s mother’s head, though. So, so terrible.

We hope Kim reaches out, as she’s also suffered the horror of being held at gunpoint, infamously being tied up and robbed in Paris in 2016.

Our thoughts are with all three innocent victims in the aftermath of such a scary incident.

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