Kim Kardashian’s Hilarious Mistake Is Proof That Spelling Is Over

Kim Kardashian

You can own the entire world and break the internet, but none of us still had any idea how the fuck gluten is spelled.

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Turns out, Kim Kardashian can’t spell gluten, and neither can I, because it took me three times just now. Which is weird because I live in Los Angeles and literally see “gluten-free” EVERYWHERE and yet. It’s hard!

Anyway, in Kiki’s birthday card to older sister Kourtney, she wrote, “Kourt – Happy Birthday. Live your glueten free life!!! Xo Kim.”

And because Kourtney is the angel that she is, she posted the card to Instagram so we could all make fun of Kim. Jokes on Kourt, because this just made me love her lil’ sis even more. Also, Kim Kardashian basically announced spelling is over so we all should step triying.

And that’s it for today’s daily dispatch of “we’re all a bunch of adorable dummies doing the best we can and ain’t that life?!?!”

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