Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Richie Feud Allegedly Brewing As Scott Disick’s New Girl Gets Close To His Kids

Kourtney is rumored to have a nickname for 34-year-old Disick’s 19-year-old girlfriend. She calls her his “piece.”

Sofia Richie has had enough, and she’s speaking up. Kourtney Kardashian has been very vocal about wanting Richie to stay away from the children she has with ex-husband Scott Disick. Richie recently signed a contract to appear in the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and has been seen with Scott and Kourtney’s children frequently since then. Although details about the contract are unknown, it has been described as “quite lucrative.” Kourtney is reportedly not happy that Sofia will profit from her relationship with Scott and their children. Among recent sightings of Sofia with Scott and Kourtney’s children was back in April when she and Scott were seen with the kids while Kourtney attended Coachella. They were also seen in Malibu earlier this month.

There have been rumors that Sofia is eager to wed Disick and start a family with him. Some say a wedding may happen as soon as this summer and that the couple wants Richie to get pregnant as soon as possible. It’s a relationship that momager Kris is said to support because it would mean great ratings for the KUWTK empire. As for Kourtney’s feelings about the relationship, she’s rumored to have a nickname for Richie. She calls her Scott’s “piece,” possibly because of the 15-year difference in their ages.

Richie seems to have put her modeling career on hold for Scott though, and the relationship seems to be real. That modeling career took a dive, however, when she started dating party boy Scott. Even sharing a last name with her legendary father Lionel Richie couldn’t save her. Once a high couture model, a year into her relationship with Disick, good modeling gigs dwindled.

Some question how healthy the relationship between Richie and Disick is and claim that he is so into her because she lets him control her. There may have been a chance of reconciliation between him and Kourtney at one point, but he loves the control and the fact that he and Richie share the same outlook on life, and reconciliation is all but impossible at this point.

Now 19-year-old Richie wants Kourtney to stay out of her relationship with Scott, according to a source for Radar Online, and let them live their lives. She feels like Kourtney is being immature about her relationship with 34-year-old Disick. Kourtney and Scott share three children – Penelope, Reign, and Mason. The couple split back in 2015.

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