Kristen Bell Just Got a 2014 Dip-Dye Hair Transformation And It's Too Good

For as long as we can remember, Kristen Bell has rocked her signature blonde locks – whether that be in her mid-length style circa 2013 or a bob in more recent years. Basically, she tends to play it safe when it comes to her hair game and Kristen is blonde through and through (that is, of course, if we’re not counting her Fanboys brunette era).

So, when scrolling down the IG feed this morning, it came as a great surprise to see that the actor has changed up her blonde hair colour. Plus, her husband, Dax Shepard also matched the look, dyeing his hair too. Ahhh, how cute!

Taking to Instagram to debut the pair’s new look with a selfie, Dax wrote in the caption: “Ich bin sehr glucklich! Ich fühle mich sexuell zu meinem Partner hingezogen”, which, according to Google Translate, means: “I am very happy! I am sexually attracted to my partner”. Lol.

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Although this isn’t an all-over root to ends hair dye job, it is a transformation, no less. The two have opted to add a purple hue to just the ends of their hair which is very reminiscent of the 2014 dip-dye trend, wouldn’t you agree? It’s very much giving Kylie Jenner’s blue peacock hair phase.

“Oooh lovin the hair!!! ❤️” one fan wrote, whilst someone else joked, saying: Is the matching purple hair, just in case you get lost? Like a return to sender? 💜”.

In Dax’s following posts from their trip to Austria for the F1 Grand Prix, we can see that Kristen’s hair is a little lighter than it first was four days ago and instead of a purple hue, it is now looking a little more silver.

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This is most probably because the dye used is semi-permanent, meaning it’ll only last a certain amount of hair washes. So, I guess it’s perfect for those of us who aren’t too keen on commitment!

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