Kylie Jenner Freaks Out Over Pregnancy Scare 3 Months After Giving Birth to Stormi

The 20-year-old makeup mogul was reportedly ‘upset over the idea of being pregnant again so quickly,’ while Travis Scott was ‘excited to have another kid right away.’

Kylie Jenner suffered a pregnancy scare, less than three months after giving birth to her daughter Stormi. According to, the Kylie Cosmetics founder thought she was pregnant, only several weeks after her first child with Travis Scott (II) was born, and she totally freaked out over the news.

“Kylie had a total pregnancy scare that really freaked her out,” says a source. Her baby daddy Travis, on the other hand, was reportedly ready for another kid. “Travis [Scott] was super excited to have another kid right away, but Kylie was totally upset over the idea of being pregnant again so quickly,” the source adds.

The source goes on explaining that Kylie has worked hard to get her body back in shape after giving birth, so she isn’t ready to go through it all again. “She has been so relieved to get her body back after the last year, so she is not ready to go through it all again so soon after giving birth to Stormi,” the source says.

Kylie, however, is open for having more kids with Travis in the future. “Kylie wants a lot of kids, but was far from prepared for it to happen again right away,” the source further shares about the reality TV star’s reaction to the false alarm. “Kylie thought that it must be some miracle for her to get pregnant again so soon after giving birth, but quickly realized it was only a false alarm. While she was relieved not to be having a baby again so soon, Travis however was totally disappointed and heartbroken.”

Kylie gave birth to her daughter Stormi on February 1 after leaving people speculating about her pregnancy for months as she hid her stomach on various occasions. She has since flaunted her curves again on her social media posts.

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