Kylie Jenner Shares 1st Pics Of Stormi After Announcing She Wasn’t Posting Any More Photos Of Her

Kylie Jenner has changed her mind about sharing pics of Stormi on social media! See her latest pics of her baby since swearing she wouldn’t be posting any more photos of her.

Stormi Webster made a triumphant return to Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram and she is still as cute as ever! This should come as a shock to fans of the lip kit mogul, because the 20-year-old not only deleted all pictures of Stormi from her Instagram on Jun. 11, she also vowed to keep her baby off of social media for the foreseeable future. She wrote in a comment, “yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

However, not only did Kylie share one pic of Stormi, she shared two! Taking to Snapchat, she shared a pic of Stormi laying on her chest, along with the caption: “nothing better”. In addition, she also posted a snap of Stormi lying down on a huge bed and called her “my little love.” Check out Kylie’s latest pics of Stormi below!

Recently, Kylie has caused a stir over whether or not her romance with Travis Scott is still going strong. Fans became concerned after the model made a huge reveal about her living arrangement: despite sharing a child with him, Kylie is NOT living with the Travis. “I test out most of my stuff on Jordyn [Woods, 20] because we live together,” Kylie said, revealing that she shares a home with her BFF instead of her BF and baby daddy. “ So I’m like, ‘Jordyn, I need you.’ Everyone that comes in my house has tinted red arms from swatches and shadows.”

We’ll keep you posted on whether Kylie breaks her own protocol again and shares even more pics of Stormi with her followers! In the meantime, look how cute baby Stormi is!

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