Lady Gaga Flaunts Sexy Legs In Stunning New Photos

Lady Gaga is gracing the cover of Variety this week, and she is showing off her toned legs in some stunning new black and white photographs.

According to a November 13 report by the Daily Mail, Lady Gaga is seen in some beautiful portraits for the magazine, as she wears an oversized white men’s button-up shirt and little else.

The Star is Born actress also rocks a pair of black heeled boots. The ensemble leaves little the imagination, as the singer shows off her toned legs and her thigh tattoo.

Gaga strikes a sultry pose in the photos, as she wears her long, platinum blonde hair up in a bun on top of her head. The singer’s bangs hang down in tendrils that frame her face as she sports a full face of makeup, including thick lashes and dark eyebrows.

During an interview for the publication, Lady Gaga reveals that the shirt she’s wearing was actually part of the wardrobe for A Star is Born, which Bradley Cooper wore in the film.

“I just wanted to have a piece of him with me,” the actress stated about wearing the shirt in the photos. In addition, Gaga claims that she carries her character from the movie, Ally, inside of her, and that she wonders if she’ll always be there as apart of her.

“I feel Ally inside of me. I wonder how long she’ll stay. Or if she’ll be in there forever,” Gaga stated.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lady Gaga is currently engaged to her boyfriend, Christian Carino, and the two could be planning a huge winter wedding with a Christmas wonderland feel to it.

“Gaga wants a magical winter wonderland wedding. And, of course, Christian is happy to help make that dream come true,” an insider told Life & Style Magazine.

The source went on to say that Gaga’s wedding plan include an all-white theme, which will include her dress, Carino’s tuxedo, the flowers, all of the decorations, and everything else will be pure white like the winter snow.

In addition, Gaga reportedly plans to manufacture some real snow for the big day, that is unless there is a miracle and it snows on its own on the couple’s big day.

Currently, Lady Gaga and Christian Carino have not commented on their wedding plans, nor the reports that they are planning a lavish, winter wonderland-themed ceremony for their big day.

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