Lauren Jauregui Wants All Women to ‘Coexist’ After Tiffany Haddish’s Fifth Harmony Diss

Lauren Jauregui is not happy with what Tiffany Haddish said about Fifth Harmony at the 2018 MTV VMAs last night.

If you missed it, while Tiffany was presenting an award on stage with Kevin Hart, when she brought up Camila Cabello‘s nominations.

“[Camila]’s nominated for five VMAs tonight. So for those of you watching at home – hi Fifth Harmony!” Tiffany said.

The next day, Lauren took to Twitter to share her wishes that women can all “coexist” without “insulting” each other.

“Waiting for the day when supporting one successful dope woman does not mean insult to other successful dope women. There is energy and space for us all to beautifully coexist and bless the world with our individual truths, stories and talents.✨?✨” Lauren tweeted.

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