LeBron James Reportedly Trying to Keep Tristan Thompson Focused Amid Khloe K. Drama, ‘Hollywood Lifer’ Reports

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship has reportedly been rocky ever since photos and videos of him being very “flirty” with other women went public. But there’s one person who is allegedly focused on making sure that Tristan Thompson stays focused, despite the relationship drama. Hollywood Life reports that that person is LeBron James.

According to Hollywood Life, LeBron James is determined to bring the NBA Championship trophy to Cleaveland and he doesn’t want anything to upset the team dynamic. King James, Hollywood Life’s source says sees the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal as a distraction.

“At first LeBron was furious at Tristan over the cheating scandal, he saw what a negative impact it was having on his game, and on the Cavs performance as a whole,” the source said. “LeBron realizes though that they need Tristan if they’re going to win, especially now that LeBron’s been injured, so he’s being a lot more supportive of him.”

When the videos and photos of Tristan with other women went public, people started booing Tristan at Cavaliers games. Us Weekly reports that Thompson did not receive a warm welcome from fans when his team faced The New York Knicks on April 11. The Cavaliers were playing at home in the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Nevertheless, when his face was shown on the jumbotron, there were jeers and boos.

“Everyone in the stadium could hear it,” an eyewitness told Us. “Tristan must have heard, but didn’t change his expression.”

According to Us, one fan also held up an “I Love Khloe” sign in the stands.

This is the type of negative energy that can plummet the morale of a sports team. But Hollywood Life reports that LeBron is trying to be supportive of Thompson. Their source adds that King James has been trying to put their previous “rivalry” behind them so that they can all unite under a common goal, winning the Playoffs.

On Tuesday, April 10, days before Khloe Kardashian gave birth, TheDaily Mail published photos of him kissing a woman at a club. The woman was later identified as “strip club worker,” Lani Blair. Blair and Thompson were later spotted heading into The Four Seasons hotel in New York and Blair was seen leaving the next day with a Louis Vuitton overnight bag in tow. Previous to that, surveillance footage recorded at a hookah bar, seemed to show Thompson fooling around with two women who weren’t his very famous girlfriend.

Khloe took to Twitter recently to complain about the negative energy she has been receiving because of her decision to remain in a relationship with the father of her child. In tweets posted on May 27, Khloe called out people who are focused on other people’s lives instead of their own. The youngest member of the Kardashian sisterly trio did not specify exactly who she was speaking to/about.

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