Lena Waithe’s fiancée still made her do chores after Emmy win

Lena Waithe’s career has taken off, but her fiancée keeps her grounded.

“It’s a weird business. It’s a big life that I sometimes have to live,” Waithe, 34, revealed on Thursday’s episode of David Chang’s podcast “The Dave Chang Show.”

Her fiancée, Alana Mayo, currently runs Michael B. Jordan’s production studio, Outlier Society Productions, so she isn’t fazed by Waithe’s star power.

“The great thing is, she’s not jazzed by it,” Waithe said. “She definitely helps to keep me grounded … When I get home from winning an Emmy, she’s like, ‘Don’t forget to take out the recycling.’ It’s those things that I think are really helpful. She’s so laid back about it all.”

The “Master of None” actress and writer says she and Mayo met several years ago. At the time, Mayo was working at Paramount as an executive and was a “heterosexual” woman, according to Waithe. She adds that because there weren’t any initial sparks, it left room for her to be herself.

The pair got engaged during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2017.

As she described, spending her life with someone has brought up new challenges.

“I’ve grown into a mature adult being engaged and having a puppy,” Waithe said. “It’s that part of growing up that isn’t always glamorous and isn’t always fun. But I know it’s necessary.”

When times get difficult, it seems she often pauses to reflect on what’s actually happening beneath the surface.

“There are times when I’m in a quiet moment and I kinda realize, oh this is good. This is good that I was pushed in this way to be a better version of myself,” she said.

While it’s unclear when they’ll tie the knot, Waithe told People the ceremony will be intimate.

“It’s going to be super small, crazy small. It’s almost like an excuse to have fun with our friends,” she quipped.

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