Levin: The Windsors are ‘deeply hurt’ that the Sussexes are going to The Hague

I’ve believed for some time now that the reason the Duchess of Sussex looked so chilled out at the 2020 Commonwealth Day service was because she knew it was the last time she would have to interact with, as she recently put it, “my husband’s family.” That was the last time she saw the lot of them in person. She rocked her green cape, listened to some music, said a prayer and then she walked away. She was free. She was alive. She didn’t even bring Archie to the UK for that week-long trip. They were not getting their hands on her babies, ever. I think of that often, especially when the deranged royal reporters accuse Meghan of disrespecting the Queen or “refusing” to come back to that toxic environment. We’re in for another round of it now that Meghan has confirmed that she’ll be flying into The Netherlands to support her husband at the Invictus Games.

The Queen is said to be “deeply hurt” after “publicity-hungry” Meghan and Harry chose to go to Holland over Prince Philip’s memorial. Meghan, 40, will join Harry at his Invictus Games in Holland in her first trip out of America since Megxit – and the pair will be followed around by Netflix cameras. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will both be in The Hague for the opening ceremony of Harry’s games for wounded soldiers on Saturday. It will be the first time the couple have been together in Europe since Megxit two years ago.

But royal experts have claimed that this is a “snub” to the Queen – after they refused to attend Prince Philip’s memorial just days ago. And despite it being “unnecessary” for Meghan to be at the Invictus Games, she “wouldn’t want to miss out on the publicity,” it’s been claimed.

Royal expert Angela Levin told The Sun Online: “‘I think it’s truly shocking. I think the royal family are deeply hurt, but that’s precisely what they must want, otherwise, they wouldn’t act like that. We saw the queen, you can’t help but feel desperately sorry for her, she would have loved to have Harry there for the day. I just think it’s unbelievable. Meghan is going because they’re doing the next Netflix documentary. They’re going with cameras, and she wouldn’t want to miss out on the publicity. It’s such snub, you cannot believe that Harry is the same person as he was in 2018 when I met him. It looks as if he’s been somewhat brainwashed to hate his family.”

[From The Sun]

Angela Levin is deranged. There’s something wrong with her, I’m pretty sure. Some screws loose or something worse. It’s pretty rich for Levin to claim that Meghan is “seeking publicity” when Meghan has spent most of the past two years minding her business and not seeking the limelight. Think of how easy it would be for Meghan to give weekly interviews, or appear on the cover of Vanity Fair, or write a tell-all book. As for the royal family being “deeply hurt” – let’s be real. No one is hurt. William is going to be engorged with rage when Meghan and Harry get wall-to-wall positive coverage at the games. Kate will watch Meghan’s styling so that Kate can copykeen each and every look. Charles is too busy defanging the Cambridges to care. And the Queen? Well, I doubt she cares, honestly.

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