Lewis Hamilton: ‘Hard to overcome’ F1 star on ‘struggles’ ahead of sixth world title win

Lewis Hamilton, 34, opened up about his “struggles” in a candid post on Instagram today just before he achieved his sixth Formula 1 world title in Texas.

The sportsman, who just achieved the 2019 Drivers’ Championship for his efforts in the US Grand Prix, experienced difficulties in the qualifying stages of the tournament resulting in his worst Q3 result of the season.

In view of his 13.4 million followers, Lewis shared a snap of himself looking slightly downhearted in Texas as he spoke out about his “mistakes”.

The F1 star wrote: “It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make, I know the pain alone can be hard to overcome. 

“Try to remember, even if it’s hard, it’s how you rise up from the stumble that counts.” 

The racing driver went on to address “a painful lesson” he learnt in the qualifying round yesterday.

He added: “Yesterday, a painful yet necessary lesson and it’s on me.

“I just want to acknowledge those of you who have had a tough year, hard week, hard days. 

“Everybody is struggling with something, It’s for us to find the way around it.”

Lewis then dedicated a motivational message to his fans, as he concluded: “Don’t dwell on what’s past you, try and shape what’s in front of you. 

“Sending you all positive energy. Happy Sunday!”

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