‘L&HH Hollywood’ Recap: Lyrica Reveals She’s Pregnant — Is A1 The Dad?

We did NOT see that coming. After reuniting with A1, Lyrica revealed she’s pregnant! But is he the dad, or is Safaree? Find out, here!

Yikes! During the Aug. 27 episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Lyrica Anderson revealed she’s pregnant. But the father’s identity remains a mystery. After all their drama that unfolded over the last couple of weeks, Lyrica and A1 sat down for a heart to heart, during which she told him that she never had sex with Safaree. Little does she know that Safaree told Ray J otherwise, but that’s beside the point. Because of her admission, she and A1 decided to call of their divorce and reunite. Then, Lyrica revealed why she’s been so hormonal lately — she’s pregnant. He reacted with delight, assuming he’s the dad since she claims she never had sex with Safaree. So the next step was to tell their respective families. Sadly, that never came to fruition because his family freaked at the first bit of news, when they revealed they’re back together. We won’t go too far into detail, but let’s just say a chair was thrown across the room! Hopefully, this family can work things out before that baby arrives.

Meanwhile, Paris exposed another Akbar deception when she discovered that he has a third woman in his life! Yes, that’s right. Not only is Akbar married, but he also has another girlfriend, aside from Tierra Mari. Brooke was actually the one to reveal this information, but Paris confirmed it by visiting the woman at the gym she owns with Akbar. Paris hasn’t yet revealed the information to Tierra Mari, but we can only imagine that when she finds out, she’s going to freak!

Finally, Kimberly went under the knife to get her butt injections removed. Apparently, the injections were causing her a lot of pain, several years after she got them, so she wanted to get them removed ASAP. She didn’t care how she looked after — she just wanted her natural butt back.

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