‘LHH’ Star Moniece Slaughter Calls Out ‘Racist’ Real Estate Agent: ‘I’m Disgusted’

The ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ member rants on Instagram, claiming a real estate agent deliberately makes things difficult for her because she is a black woman.

AceShowbizMoniece Slaughter vented her frustrations on Instagram, claiming she was blocked from leasing a house with never-ending paperwork. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star accused the real estate agent of making things difficult because she’s a black woman.

“I have never had to go through so much in all my moving history, to apply for a home,” she wrote on Instagram. “@coldwellbanker I was first asked for two months bank statements. To complete the application. And a credit report. Your agent Gloria, received that along with 1099s.”

“She then asked for verification of employment which was ridiculous as my employer’s company name and address is listed on my 1099s. A contact for this season and seasons prior was provided on the application!” the VH1 reality television star continued.

“I was then asked for a year’s worth of deposit history from my bank. They don’t even have deposit history past 90 days. So she received that. She then asked for two years of tax returns. She got those,” she went on. “I am THE ONLY APPLICANT for this property.”

“I was then told by Peter (the office manager of coldwell banker in the valley on balboa) that the owner of this property is a mortgage broker. Well let me make something clear. I was approved for a home loan and a home renovation loan on one years tax returns. My credit. And two months bank statements.”

“This has all demanded of me for a damn $3,700 LEASE NOT MORTGAGE!” she raged. “I didn’t have to go through all of this for my home loan. I’ve had these agents working day and night. And every other day it’s something new. I’ve reached out. I’ve been diplomatic and compliant.”

“Gloria reaches out to my current landlord who informed her I’m an amazing tenant. Pay early. Ahead of time. 3mo at a time. What was the point of doing all of that,” she continued. “Just say you don’t believe this black girl (who currently pays 4,300/mo in rent) makes the kind of money I make. Has a credit score like mine. And is legitimately employed. Just say you don’t want to rent to a woman of color. And stop making F**KING excuses for the agents you hire.”

“Bottom line. I’m disgusted,” she concluded.

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