Liam Payne reveals why he was relieved when One Direction broke up

Ever since the One Direction boys called it quits back in 2015, things have never quite been the same over in pop land.

But while we’re all still drying our tears and singing What Makes You Beautiful at our 1D posters, now Liam Payne has revealed he was actually relieved when the band broke up. Wait… what?!


Despite selling out arenas around the globe, Liam said he was tired of putting on an act, admitting: ‘I remember the day we finished, because of the place I was in, I was quite happy that we had a break.

‘I said to the person with me at the time, “Thank god I don’t have to play that person again for a long time.”

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‘It was exhausting and I couldn’t keep up with myself.’

Revealing he found the huge One Direction fame hard to deal with, Liam continued: ‘It made me a little bit nuts and distracted me a lot from the person I was.

‘It p**sed me off in the end, because it was like, ‘You could have been this guy, but you chose to do this.

‘Nobody really knew anything about me. I put on a front that wasn’t really me.’

And it looks like there might have been another reason Liam was glad to go solo, as he also admitted the band – which also included Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik – had their fair share of fall outs.

‘We got on well in One Direction, but there were times when we didn’t’, he told Hashtag Legend.

‘Certain members fell out with each other sometimes, but it would always come back round. So, I don’t ever think that I won’t be friends with these people for life. But I think it’s important in anything that you can think about everything you would have liked to change about yourself and then grow.’

The X Factor stars were rumoured to have faced friction with 25-year-old Zayn who dramatically quit the band in early 2015, but Liam also said some time away from 1D helped the boys get their friendship back on track.

‘I went away and the person I was in the band, I’m not him now’, Liam said.

‘It was all right to be that person then, but now, I need to be something totally different. Even going to see Louis the other day – it’s nice to meet people and have them see how you are now, because you can understand all the things you might have done wrong or the things you might have regretted doing.

‘You can say, “I’m different now, so whatever that was in the past, we were different people.”’

Since leaving the band, Liam has welcomed his first son with girlfriend Cheryl and has been experimenting with some pretty interesting outfits…

Side note: You can check out Liam Payne’s dramatic style transformation HERE!

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But it looks like the popstar is loving doing his own thing, as he added: ‘I feel a lot more myself than I ever did before, rather than being a part of something and having a part to play or treading on eggshells around someone.’

Just tell us when the reunion is, ey Liam?

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