Lil Pump urges students not to drop out of school

Just because his new album is called “Harverd Dropout” doesn’t mean Lil Pump thinks people should actually drop out of Harvard.

The 18-year-old rapper gave his buzzed about “commencement speech” on Thursday, which actually turned out to be a promotional takeover of local radio station WHRB Harvard Radio, and urged students to stay in school.

“All the kids stay in school, dead ass,” he said (via HotNewHipHop). “A lot of people think dropping out of school is cool, but that s–t is not cool at all.”

Though that message would appear to go against his brand – and his actual experience – the “I Love It” rapper explained that it’s important that people not let anyone dissuade them from chasing their dreams.

“A lot of n—as dropping out of school be ending up homeless or drug addicts, you know?” he said. “So what I want all ya’ll kids to do is live your best life, live your dream, and don’t listen to nobody man, don’t let any of these weird-ass f–k n—as stop you from doing what you want to do! Do what you want n—a!”

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. Records raised eyebrows when they announced that Lil Pump would be delivering Harvard’s commencement address this year.

When reached for comment by Page Six, Harvard Public Affairs & Communications responded, “As previously announced, Angela Merkel will be Harvard’s Commencement 2019 speaker.”

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