Lil Wayne Hauled Ass After Shooting Scare at Atlanta Show

Lil Wayne was NOT about to wait around to figure out whether shots had really been fired at his concert this weekend — he assumed it happened, and got the hell OUT of Dodge.

TMZ got this video of Wayne being whisked away backstage, toward the end of Sunday night’s severely shortened A3C Fest set. Someone allegedly yelled out “shots fired!” and caused a panic. As you can see … Weezy was no different from fans at the show, rushing downstairs off the stage and straight into his waiting SUV, not taking any chances. 

Can’t blame Weezy for hauling ass. Remember, his tour bus was shot up in the Atlanta area back in 2015, so it makes sense his team was ready to bolt. The scene out on the festival grounds was just as chaotic with everyone in GTFO mode.

As we reported … several concertgoers were trampled in the stampede. All in all, about a dozen people were injured with minor injuries, some of which required medical attention. 

Cops say there’s no evidence shots were ever fired at the event. 

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