Lili Reinhart Slams ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Petitioning for Season 8 Redo

Lili Reinhart has a message for Game of Thrones fans.

After the hit HBO show’s most recent episode, fans started a petition insisting that season eight gets a complete redo. It already has over one million signatures.

After learning about the petition, the 22-year-old Riverdale star voiced her opinion about how upset this made her.

“This is not how television works,” Lili wrote on Instagram. “TV shows are not fan service. It’s ridiculous of people to think they can demand creative change from artists.”

Lili‘s reaction didn’t go over well with GoT fans, so she took to her Instagram Story again this time to respond to the backlash.

“It’s inappropriate as an audience member to demand change from an entire crew of writers, creators, performers, etc. just because it did not satisfy you,” Lili wrote. “Fans, of course, are an incredibly large reason why shows are successful…But it does not excuse certain destructive and disrespectful behavior toward people who have dedicated their entire lives to creating a show or film.”

The Game of Thrones series finale airs on Sunday night, May 19 at 9pm ET on HBO.

You can read Lili‘s full statement in the gallery.

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