Line of Duty fans go wild as 'definately' reappears

‘Ted Hastings spelt it wrong before!’: Line of Duty fans go wild as ‘definately’ reappears tipping the gaffer as H – before a VERY dramatic cliff hanger


Line of Duty fans were treated to a rollercoaster of an episode on Sunday which saw fan favourite Ted Hastings tipped as being the elusive H yet again.

In typical AC-12 style, a twist emerged in the form of a throwback clue to the 2019 series showing the misspelt word ‘definately’ during Jo Davidson’s messages.

And if this wasn’t enough to keep fans reeling, the dramatic instalment ended with a tense cliff hanger involving Ryan Pilkington [Gregory Piper] and DI Kate Fleming [Vicky McClure]. 

Could it be? Ted Hastings was tipped as being the elusive H yet again during Sunday night’s episode of Line of Duty

The shock reintroduction of ‘definately’ came as Davidson typed on her laptop to whoever is calling the shots, with them misspelling the word definitely. 

Back in 2019, viewers watched as ‘definitely’ was misspelt by whoever was talking via an online chat to undercover cop John Corbett.

And while many thought it was simply a spelling blunder at first, Hastings then went on to type ‘definitely’ with an A during a police hack the following week, leaving fans convinced the AC-12 Superintendent was in fact villain H. 

The reappearance of the incorrectly spelt word caused some avid watchers to think that perhaps H is really the fourth man, despite him seeming to have been cleared of suspicion following his misconduct hearing last series. 

Shady: Jo Davidson was seen under even more pressure as she chatted online and agreed to ‘get rid’ of Kate so long as it was her ‘last job’

A clue! The word definitely was spelt wrong, with the faceless person using an A, just like Ted Hastings used back in 2019

Dozens of people took to Twitter to discuss their theories over the word, with one penning: ‘Ted spelled ‘definitely’ wrong before. If Ted is H I’m done’

While another added: ‘Ted Hastings only split definitely ‘DEFINATELY’ but who else would know Ted spelt it like that, that’s the question.’

And someone else said: ‘Well we all know Ted can’t spell definitely right, but Mother of God, please don’t let him be the final H!’.

Making things even shadier, it was during this conversation with the faceless crime boss that Davidson was told to ‘get rid’ of Kate.

Davidson looked distraught at the idea as she sat staring into her laptop screen, however replied saying she’d do it so long as it was the last task asked of her. 

Coming through on her promise, Davidson arranged to meet Kate outside of work before changing the location at the last minute. 

Reaction: Dozens of people took to Twitter to say that Ted must be H after the misspelling 

In the closing moments, Kate – a goodie (at least we hope) – and PC Ryan Pilkington – a baddie through and through – are seen with their guns trained on each other. 

Leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, the episode then ended after the duo and Davidson shouted at each other to drop their guns.  

Has Kate – whom we’ve watched snaring bent coppers over six series – been killed in the line of duty? Or has she finished off corrupt and psychopathic Pilkington? 

And if she’s only wounded, will DI Steve Arnott – Kate’s partner in crime-fighting – manage to save her? 

Kate had managed to send him a text just before the intense final scene, however it remains to be seen if he makes it to her in time to help and catch Ryan.    

Also during Sunday’s show Davidson’s DNA match were revealed, with it being revealed that she’s related to Tommy Hunter. 

Drama: Sunday’s show also saw a very tense ending after Davidson lured Kate to an isolated lorry park

Will she make it? Kate was seen holding up her gun, after concealing a weapon all episode, but the show finished before viewers could discover what happened to her

Bad: Ryan Pilkington was confident as he told Kate the gun wouldn’t be traced but seemed spooked by the idea of having been under surveillance 

Several viewers had guessed that Davidson would be related to Hunter after last weeks show.

And Steve Arnott confirmed the news that they shared a ‘partial match’ on Sunday after Kate was called into AC-12 to hear the shock result.

Kate was visibly taken aback by the update, with Ted having to tell her that Davidson had ‘pulled the wool over her eyes’ during their Gail Vella investigation.  

Hunter, a crime boss turned informant, was murdered by the OCG (Organised Crime Group) in series two.  

However, many fans pointed out that there is no way to be sure that Tommy (Brian McCardle) actually ever died because his body was wrapped in bandages during series two. 

Despite this potentially being true, it wasn’t cleared-up on Sunday with the plot instead focussing on Davidson being drawn further into the OCG’s shady dealings. 

While elsewhere in the show, another twist saw the addition to the cast of James Nesbitt, though only as a photo. 

Look what you’ve caused: Davidson seemed genuinely distraught when she thought Kate could be shot, however it was her messages that got her in the position 

It’s a MATCH: Davidson’s relative ended up being Tommy Hunter of series two

He plays Marcus Thurwell, a detective in the racist killing of Lawrence Christopher – a storyline that appears to be based on the real-life murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence. 

Thurwell was also featured in another earlier series as the SIO investigating the death of social worker Oliver Stephens Lloyd. 

The fictional case was being investigated by journalist Gail Vella, whose killing is the focus of the current run.

DCI Patricia Carmichael also returned to AC-12, launching into a rant against Hastings and saying the team doesn’t have strong evidence against Ian Buckles.

She also ordered that all of AC-12’s surveillance operations- on Ryan Pilkington, Jo Davidson and Terry Boyle -be halted because of ‘budget’ costs.

However could this mean she’s actually H? Cancelling the surveillance suggests that Pilkington and Davidson weren’t followed ahead of meeting Kate, something the OCG would only benefit from.

Will he make it? Kate managed to send a text to Steve ahead of the final scene but viewers didn’t see if he arrived at the location in time to help 


Season six of Line Of Duty has left fans with more questions than answers, with viewers flocking to Twitter to question what exactly is DCI Jo Davidson is up to, whether Kate Fleming has really left AC-12 and who is H?

Here, MailOnline examines some of the most prominent fan theories  

Kate Fleming HASN’T left AC-12 and is working undercover   

One of the most shocking discoveries was AC-12’s Kate is now working with a new team- with some fans suggesting she could even be the infamous H.

While chatting to her new gaffer DCI Davidson, Kate said: ‘I got fed upon nicking coppers, I’d rather go after the psycho who murdered Gail [Vella].’

But despite seeming confident in her new role, some viewers were left wondering if all was at it seems and theorised that Kate could still be undercover for AC-12.

Even after she tipped off Davidson and incurred the wrath of Ted Hastings, fans have continued to speculate that she is so deep undercover that even Hastings is having to keep her true agenda secret.  

Kate Fleming HASN’T left AC-12 and is working undercover: Is it true? The jury is still out on this one 

DCI Jo Davidson is being blackmailed by an Organised Crime Group  

Jo has already survived a grilling from AC-12’s top team and appeared to clear her name when it was ex-girlfriend PS Farida Jatri who seemed to have taken part in corruption.

However, Jo was seen hitching a ride with known bent copper Ryan Pilkington and taken to collect a burner phone, making her look suspicious once more.

Fans, however, are convinced the DCI is being blackmailed by an OCG, following her emotional outburst when she was summoned to pick up a new burner.

DCI Jo Davidson is being blackmailed by an Organised Crime Group: Is it true? After her car park outburst it seems increasingly likely

DCI Jo Davidson’s mother is Anne-Marie McGillis

Fans speculated over who Jo’s mother could be after she was seen in a photograph in the first episode.

Many theorised her mother has something to do with season five character John Corbett’s [Stephen Graham] mother Anne-Marie McGillis, who was killed by an Irish Republican paramilitary group sometime after 1989.

DCI Jo Davidson’s mother is Anne-Marie McGillis: Is it true? There simply isn’t enough evidence yet to determine on way or the other  

Gail Vella is still alive

Although season six has centered around the murder of journalist Gail Vella, one obscure theory is that she is in fact still alive.  

Craig Parkinson, who played Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan in the show, said on BBC Sounds podcast Obsessed with Line of Duty: ‘Somebody is in that flat and there’s some connection with Gail Vella, the investigative journalist.

‘You don’t cast someone like Andi Osho and then just have her as little magazine prints and stick them up on a kitchen wall.’

Sarah Millican – who also appeared on the podcast – went on to suggest Vella may have been a former lover of DCI Davidson’s.

Gail Vella is still alive: Is it true? It seems unlikely that the scale of police corruption is so huge that they could fake a murder victim

DC Chloe Bishop is Tony Gates’ daughter

Bishop is one of AC-12’s newest recruits, and as Gates and his wife Jools had two daughters, Natalie and Chloe, viewers have suggested their shared first name ‘can’t be a coincidence’.

Gates’ daughter was last seen in season one in 2012, which means she’d be roughly the same age as Bishop is now.

Fans have suggested that Bishop either took her mother’s maiden name or the name of a step-father, so that her true identity remains a secret – for now.

Gates died at the end of the first season when he walked into a busy road after getting a confession from gang leader Tommy Hunter, who had been blackmailing the police officer into covering up their criminal activity.

DC Chloe Bishop is Tony Gates’ daughter: Is it true? The dates and facts line up, but there still isn’t enough to write it off as a coincidence just yet 

DCI Jo Davidson’s mystery blood relative is…?

After it was revealed that Jo’s DNA matched someone on the Police National Computer, fans theorized who that could be.

The overriding theories suggested that Davidson’s relative was either Tommy Hunter, of series one and two, Mike Dryden of series two, John Corbett of series five, or Derek Hilton, killed off in series four.

Tommy Hunter was the leader of the OCG in earlier series of the show, and a paedophile. His character is dead.

Mike Dryden, the former Deputy Chief Constable, was last seen resigning from his post for perverting the course of justice in series two. His Scottish links also suggest he could be related to Davidson.

John Corbett was an undercover cop in series five who had his throat slit, leaving behind a wife, two daughters, and a mysterious link to a woman, Anne-Marie, whom fans claim could also be Davidson’s mother.

Derek Hilton was a Chief Superintendent and later the Assistant Chief Constable of Central Police. He was also secretly affiliated with organised crime. He was shot in the mouth in a staged suicide in season four.

Other suggestions were Gill Biggeloe, Jackie Laverty, Lindsay Denton or Terry Boyle. 

After it was revealed that Jo’s DNA matched someone on the Police National Computer, fans theorized who that could be. Scottish Mike Dryden was last seen resigning from his post for perverting the course of justice in series two

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