Lisa Vanderpump's Holiday Style: From 'Show-Stopping' to 'Dripping With Femininity'

Bravo icon Lisa Vanderpump is a reality TV superstar as well as a design and lifestyle guru. Whether in her restaurants or her home, she knows a thing or two about creating romantic ambience and breathtaking visuals. And lucky for fans, she shared her tips and ideas for holiday decorating — including pictures of glamorous trees and a Christmas table.

Lisa Vanderpump decorates multiple gorgeous trees for the holidays

According to Very Vanderpump — where fans can get a peek at the festive beauty of Vanderpump’s past decorations — the “largest and most decadent” of her multiple trees “greets [guests] as [they] walk through the glass doors into [her] home during the holidays.”

The former star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seemingly goes all out on that main attraction. “I love creating a show-stopping tree that the family can gather around during Christmas and, luckily, our main living room has ceilings high enough to accommodate!” she shares. But she also notes, “I try not to go too girly with this one, as it’s in the center of the house.”

However, Vanderpump’s next tree is rococo pink and green, and “dripping with femininity.”

It’s probably little surprise to fans that she adores this “over-stuffed, decadent” tree. “I mixed pale gold and silver metallics with various shades of pink ornaments in velvet, feathers and different textures,” she notes.

Finally, Vanderpump shares that she sets up yet another tree in the kitchen. “I love this pale blue and white tree,” she shares. “It’s such a delicate, neutral color that is very soft and easy to be around in the most used room of the house!”

Lisa Vanderpump’s Christmas table is ‘elegant and feminine’

The Vanderpump Rules star “opted for a slightly funkier mix of black, cream, taupe, metallics and rich red roses” for her Christmas table. That was opposed to her “usual pale pink tablescape.”

“To keep it elegant and feminine, I did use pale pink and gold plates, to soften the look up a bit,” she notes. “I loved this stunning crystal-embellished table and it was the perfect setting for our family lunch!”

As she points out, it’s a reward to sit down to a beautifully set table after holiday duties. “After hours in the kitchen, it was such fun sitting down to this beautiful set up!” she shares.

Pay attention to the holiday details

Very Vanderpump highlights that the key to eye-catching holiday style is in the details. That means adorning gifts with more than beautiful wrapping paper. “I spend weeks prior to Christmas finding the most gorgeous bows I can hunt down,” the former Dancing with the Stars contestant shares. “A fabulous, thick, velvety bow looks incredible under your tree.”

As she notes, there’s another advantage when it comes time to give out those gifts. “Who wouldn’t want to receive something that’s so beautifully adorned?” she asks.

In true Vanderpump style, she recommends one more accessory to place under the tree with the presents. She says, “They wouldn’t be complete without a puppy trying to sneak them open!”

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