We're living for this new Queer Eye goodness

Confession: we’ve been obsessed with the Queer Eye reboot since it first premiered on Netflix in February. Thankfully, the show was such a hit and quickly became such a cultural touchstone that it not only got renewed for Season 2 shortly after Season 1 premiered but the Season 2 premiere date was set for an extremely-soon June 15.

Now, ahead of the Season 2 premiere and right at the beginning of Pride Month, the Queer Eye gang has teamed up with contemporary pop star Betty Who and released a remixed version and music video of the reboot’s theme song, “All Things.” The song, already a remix of the original which was created in the ’90s by Candian dance music duo Widelife, gets updated yet again with Betty Who’s cover which is just as fun and bright as the original but with a more modern arrangement.

The music video, on the other hand, is literal art. Clocking in at around 2 minutes and 10 seconds, this video features the Fab Five dancing, laughing, voguing and generally having the best time ever. The fellas are doing their best choreography (seriously, when are they starting a boy band? Because that needs to happen) as well as breaking off to have solo moments that riff on their roles on the show. At various points we see: Jonathan Van Ness looks so fierce as he wields a blow-dryer; Karamo Brown is surrounded by boxes of tissues and dabs his eye playfully; Tan France gives his coif a little lift as he sports a fierce, shiny sports jacket; Antoni Porowski cradles a bunch of avocados as he struts down the runway; and last but not least, Bobby Berk gives the Fab Five truck a bedazzled makeover, complete with a new license plate.

Is this real life? Surely not — it must be heaven.

Queer Eye Season 2 (which was filmed shortly after Season 1, hence why the episodes are ready to air so quickly) is going to see some notable differences from first season and its all about the contestants. While Season 1 focused mostly on straight and queer men of varying ages, races, socioeconomic brackets and locations around Georgia, Season 2 will see the Fab Five expanding their reach. This time around, straight and queer men and women will be part of the show and, happily, the series will feature its first trans person as the subject of one makeover episode.

With all of this Queer Eye excitement happening (and on a Friday, no less!), we are readier than ever for June 15 to arrive, bringing Season 2 with it.

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