LOL! Muggy Mike pokes fun at girlfriend Megan McKenna with penis video

Megan McKenna and ‘Muggy’ Mike Thalassitis are fast becoming one of our fave showbiz couples, and just when we thought we couldn’t fall in love with the funny duo any more, Mike shared this hilarious clip of them on holiday.

As they visited a souvenir shop in Mallorca, Spain, the former Love Island star, 25, decided to play a joke on his girlfriend, creeping up to her with a penis-shaped lollipop while she scrolled innocently through her phone.

‘Babe, have a penis lolly!’ he could be hear saying in the video clip, as he shoved the pink sweet towards Megan’s face.

Clearly uunaware of her beau’s cheeky antics , the 25-year-old beauty instantly opened her mouth, before giggling as she noticed the willy-shaped confectionary in front of her.


The couple’s romantic trip comes after former TOWIE star Megan risked an awkward run-in with her ex Pete Wicks when they turned up to the same party on Monday.

Arriving at a North London screening of Love Island 2018, Megan and Mike – who was one of the popular contestants on last year’s series of the ITV2 dating show – led the way, as Pete followed behind them with his girlfriend Shelby Tribble.

Pete, 29, looked pretty content, as he co-ordinated with TOWIE newbie Shelby, 25, wearing his and hers backless loafers.

He’s my favourite ?

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But bumping into her ex – who she dated on/off for 19 months before splitting in October – seemed to be the last thing on Megan’s mind, as she walked hand-in-hand with her new man, barely taking her eyes off of him.

Can’t say we blame her – just look at him!

Sharing a loved up photo later that night, Megan made it clear that Mike is  the only man for her, as she captioned the pic: ‘It will always be you…’

Too cute!

It will always be you..

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And as the proud boyfriend that he is, Mike returned the favour positing another picture from the night as he gushed over his gorgeous girlfriend and called her his ‘Wife.’

Guys, can you just hurry up and plan the wedding already?!


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