‘Looking For Alaska’ Creators Dish on Keeping Car Accident a Mystery

The creators of Looking For AlaskaJosh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage – are opening up about keeping Alaska’s death such a mystery.

The pair recently spoke about their decision to hide so much of what actually happened.

“Part of what the story is, what John [Green]‘s book is about, is the feeling of the loss of control after someone you love has died and all you want are answers,” Josh told TV Guide. “If you could somehow change what happened, or take back some control of the situation, and you really can’t. There are some things for which there are no answers to, and what happened exactly in that accident is something that, regardless of what the answer could be, did not change anything. So that’s what informed the decision.”

“We just felt like as writers and as people telling a visual story — so much of the part of John‘s book is not knowing what happened — that we didn’t feel comfortable taking a stand on what we thought did happen and filming that,” Stephanie added. “That’s not what the story is about, and we couldn’t come to any consensus, anyways, about what we thought that was.”

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