Louise Thompson: Made In Chelsea star breaks silence on colon condition ‘I lived in fear’

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Louise Thompson, 30, was diagnosed two years ago with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that can cause stomach aches, chronic bleeding and frequent diarrhoea. The reality star said that it initially felt “embarrassing”, as she felt due to her career that she had to appear “perfect” on social media.

I felt like I had to be this perfect person

Louise Thompson

Louise shared: “I lived in fear for so long, I felt like I had to be this perfect person, living this perfect life in my own perfect world.”

The fitness influencer decided to use her large platform to connect with her fans and speak about her personal struggle with the illness.

She continued: “I realised the more I speak about everything that goes wrong in my life, people just connect so much better. 

“I think it was a really important thing to do [sharing her story] because it definitely normalises it and I think for younger girls… I got it when I was 28, so I was already quite comfortable in my relationship with Ryan [Libbey] and pretty confident in myself. 

“If I had got it even five years before that I think it would have been an entirely different ball game.

“I would have probably found it more embarrassing, but yeah I was in a very fortunate position to get it when I got it,” she added.

Louise now wants to break the stigma of the condition and encourage young people at schools to discuss it more openly.

She shared: “There’s just a lot of people who don’t know about it. So you know for young people at school, there’s a girl or boy in their classroom, who might have it and people wouldn’t take the time to research it because they just don’t care.

“But if they can listen to me talk about it they might show a bit more compassion to a classmate or their friend. “

The star shared that her family and husband to be were very supportive during the difficult time of initially getting diagnosed with the disease.

She said: “Maybe it’s just my family, we don’t find bathroom stuff that embarrassing – I actually like toilet humour. 

“I find it quite funny, I’m lucky with Ryan, but we’re pretty open, I’ll sit on his lap while he’s in the bathroom which is a bit weird!”

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As part of her first-line treatment, Louise was prescribed an enema to use before bed, doing it while lying next to Ryan, a personal trainer.

The star added: “I was using enemas in bed because I didn’t want to lie on the bathroom floor,  hiding away doing it.”

However, she revealed that by going through the experience it made her realise that Ryan was a “good egg” as her previous partners would “probably have been weirded out” by the treatment.

Louise is known for keeping a healthy lifestyle these days and regularly posts her rigorous workout regimes on Instagram, as part of her Live Like Louise fitness programme.

The star has also started to go gluten-free to help with her condition and has used Promise Gluten-Free as a substitute for traditional wheat products.

“I discovered Promise Gluten-Free, it really felt like a good fit. It’s something I really wanted to recommend to all of our clients because it’s low in calories and it’s good for people on a variety of all different diets. 

“I don’t believe in a diet per se but for people who have dietary requirements or are gluten-free, they also have dairy-free options.

“A lot of people are scared of bread, or scared of carbs, I hate influencers who push this whole carbs are bad for you mentality,” she added.

Promise Gluten Free Bread available in selected supermarkets now.

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