Love Island 2018 fans furious with Megan Barton Hanson over recoupling

Love Island fans are in uproar over Megan Barton Hanson following the latest recoupling ceremony, with many accusing her of making the WRONG decision.

Wednesday night’s show saw the girls choose which boys they want to be with and Megan was faced with the task of picking Eyal Booker or Alex George after forming a connection with both of them.


When it was time for her to make her big choice, Megan explained: ‘He’s made me feel really comfortable since I got her, he’s really attractive. I feel like it hasn’t been an easy decision, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.’

She then announced that she had chosen Eyal over Dr Alex, leaving Alex looking pretty gutted.

Eyal took a seat beside Megan and she was heard admitting to him: ‘I hated that.’

Fortunately Alex wasn’t left alone as Samira Mighty coupled with him again, admitting that she hoped her friend would find his ‘happy ending’ eventually.

Later on Megan seemed to doubt her decision and admitted that she hoped no other girl would come in and steal Alex’s heart in case things didn’t work out between her and Eyal.

‘I want them both to myself. I’m still unsure in my head but obviously I’m not going to tell the boys,’ she explained in the Beach Hut.

Megan went on to have a chat with Alex which gave the doctor hope that they could still get together – only for Megan to start snogging Eyal afterwards without Alex knowing. Awks.

Viewers didn’t hold back in showing their anger with Megan following the drama.

‘Megan is cancelled. How can you lead Alex on like that making him so giddy and happy and then go and kiss Eyal. Alex deserves soooo much better,’ one fan fumed on Twitter, whilst another said: ‘I’m done. I’m actually done. Not happy. I am so not happy at all. Megan was our last hope and she just betrayed the entirety of the U.K’

And one agreed: ‘Fgs Megan, you just absolutely screwed your self over picking that snake’

Meanwhile last year’s winner Amber Davies – who won the show with her now ex-boyfriend Kem Cetinay – wrote: ‘Looks fade Megan Hun. Who would pick some curly locks and a few abs over a lovely gentleman’

This prompted her BFF Olivia Attwood to snap back: ‘You’


Not everyone felt this way about Megan’s decision though, with 2016 islander Olivia Buckland tweeting: ‘Megan don’t fancy Dr Alex. Why would you want someone who doesn’t appreciate him to go with him, because the nation feels sorry for him?

‘He deserves someone who’s proper into him. Leave Megan & Eyal to enjoy each other man. I ain’t attending this pity party’

We can’t wait to see how this one pans out…

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