Love Island fans are baffled by Rosie Williams’ bizarre body piercing

She’s been living in the Love Island villa for some time.

Yet, despite the presence of countless TV cameras, avid fans of the annual dating show have only just made a startling discovery about Rosie Williams.

Yesterday, viewers finally noticed that the brunette beauty sports a bizarre studded piercing on her back.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the unusually-placed body adornment has raised eyebrows with fans of the ITV2 series.

Not least because many people are struggling to see the point of it.

"Why in God’s name does Rosie have a back piercing?" said one puzzled viewer.

Meanwhile, a second quipped: "All this time I thought Rosie had a big spot on her back, turns out it’s a piercing".

A third added: "Genuinely, what is the thinking behind a back piercing?".

As if that wasn’t enough, others then asked how she manages to avoid catching her hair in the so-called dermal anchors.

Her skin-deep jewellery became obvious during Sunday night’s episode of the competition when she was seen chatting with hunky Adam.

Relaxing on her stomach while chatting to him about their budding romance, the studded implant was clearly visible in the light.

According to experts, a dermal comprises of two elements – one that sits above the skin’s surface, one below it – which keeps it in place.

As the skin gradually regenerates the stud literally grows out.

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