Love Island fans shower Alex George with proposals after romance fail

Like every year, the start of Love Island means the end of all our evening plans for the next few weeks.

But while the group chat is undecided over whether they love or hate ladies man Adam Collard and who’s side they’re on in the whole Hayley Hughes vs. Eyal Booker argument – there’s one thing we can all agree on.

Dr Alex George is an absolute babe and we’re desperate for him to find eternal love.

Yup, he might not be your typical alpha male showing off his bulging biceps and inflated ego but that’s exactly why the whole nation has fallen in love with Alex.

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Unfortunately, the 27-year-old hasn’t exactly been very lucky on the show so far – as well as clearly forgetting his factor 50 sun-cream, not one of the ladies stepped forward for him in the first show (are they crazy, he’s a real life doctor?!).

But things got worse for Alex this week as he found himself in a love triangle with new girl Megan Barton Hanson and former BFF Eyal.

Now, we say ‘former BFF’ because on Tuesday night’s show Eyal broke the guy code in a spectacular fashion when he shared a steamy snog with Megan right in front of poor Alex’s face. Which the Internet was not happy about FYI…

But despite yet another set back for our Island Doctor, it looks like he doesn’t need to find love on the show anymore because viewers have been showering Alex with online proposals.

‘If I could marry Alex I would my type on paper  #loveisland‘, wrote one fan.

While another asked: ‘Can @LoveIsland set me up with Alex is nobody wants him, I’ll happily marry him #loveisland’.

And a third excited viewer joked: ‘I just want to marry Alex and have little doctor and nurse children with him. Is that too much to ask ? xoxox #loveisland’.

But they weren’t the only ones as Twitter basically went into meltdown over the Love Island fave…

— GINA CALVER ♡ (@Ginacalver1) June 12, 2018

Somebody better tell Megan to snap Alex up quickly at the impending recoupling, because otherwise one of these excited fans might just get their way…

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