Love Island funny-man Iain Stirling promises to SHOW the kiss to the villa

The villa went into meltdown on Friday night when Love Island’s Laura Anderson and Georgia Steel locked horns over Georgia ‘s ‘kiss’ with Jack.

Despite insisting she’s ‘loyal,’ Georgia chose Laura’s man Jack for one of her dates and the pair locked lips at the end of it.

But, Jack returned to the villa to tell Laura that he’d gone in to kiss Georgia’s cheek and she’d turned her head and given him the lips.

A huge bust-up followed the disagreement, with Laura questioning whether she was right to trust the guy she’s only known a couple of days, or her ‘bestie’ Georgia.

So whose telling the truth?

Well, according to voice-over man Iain Stirling, he’s ready to set the record straight once and for all by SHOWING the clip to the entire villa, which would probably be the easiest thing to do. Right?

With the rest of the nation battling it out on Twitter as to whether the kiss was mutual or one-sided, Iain tweeted: ‘10,000 RTs and I send the clip into the villa right now.* #loveisland *this a shameless attempt at twitter popularity and by no means legally binding.’

The tweet was retweeted 13,000 times.

Georgia’s popularity was on the rise last week after viewers felt sorry for the way she was treated by Josh, who chose to re-couple with make-up artist Kaz in Casa Amor.

But, the tide seems to be turning for the 23-year-old, as fans start to tire of her behaviour.

One viewer tweeted: ‘#Loveisland ive literally watched the kiss over 10 times and Georgia was chasing his lips, and he tried to avoid hers, let’s not forget she is a drama student, but the cameras don’t lie, despite being a little too flirty on the date Jack’s account of the kiss was 100% accurate.’

Another said: ‘Okay I’m ending this with an unpopular opinion. Jack went in for a polite goodbye kiss, Georgia tried to pull him back in for more and he pulled away. Georgia was putting the moves on him = not loyal. #loveisland’

We think there’s only one way to settle this… send in the Flack!

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