Mac Miller Arrested For DUI: He Admits To Driving Drunk, Crashing Car & Fleeing Scene

Dude, next time – call an Uber. Mac Miller was arrested after he reportedly crashed his car. Mac allegedly fled the scene and supposedly, he confessed to the cops that he was driving drunk!

Mac Miller, 26, was arrested on May 17 following a terrifying car crash that could have been much, much worse. The “Watching Movies” rapper was reportedly driving in the San Fernando Valley around 1 AM when he crashed his 2016 G-Wagon into a power pole, law enforcement sources told TMZ. The impact was so great that it supposedly knocked the pole down. Mac and his two passengers decided to flee the scene on foot. However, an eyewitness who saw the whole thing called the cops.

From there, it was just a matter of looking up the numbers on Mac’s license plates. The cops paid a not-so-friendly visit to the Miller home. Upon their arrival, Mac allegedly confessed to drunk driving and fleeing the scene to the cops. “He was the most polite and nice intoxicated person we’ve ever seen,” one law enforcement source told TMZ. Well, that’s nice. Mac was cuffed and quickly thrown into the slammer, with bail set at $15,000. At the time of publication, TMZ reported that Mac was still drying out behind bars. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this careless joyride, but next time, Mac and his friends may not be so lucky.

Seriously, Mac – call an Uber, catch a Lyft, flag down a taxi or see if the bus is still running. Or give Ariana Grande, 24, a call. Yes, Mac and Ariana have called it quits and have even gone so far as to unfollow each other on Instagram. Yet, she still referred to him as her “best friend” in the breakup announcement. Unless she’s blocked his number, Ariana seems like she’d gladly help out Mac by giving him a ride the next time he’s had too much to drink. Considering this reported drunken escapade cost him $15k and possibly his freedom, it’s seems like it would be easier and less costly to just beg his ex for a ride.

We’ll update this post with any more relevant details when they’re made available.

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