Machine Gun Kelly Puts Middle Finger Up To Eminem & Slams Rapper Again: ‘You Missed’ With Your Diss

It appears that Eminem’s ‘Killshot’ wasn’t that deadly, as a defiant Machine Gun Kelly – and thousands of his fans — gave a simple ‘one finger salute’ to his rival after Em’s scathing diss track.

“He missed,” Machine Gun Kelly, 28, captioned a Sept. 16 Instagram photo of him at a packed concert, flipping the middle finger towards the camera and to his rival, Eminem, 45. If there were any doubt who “he” is, MGK not only wore a shirt featuring the cover art to Em’s anti-MGK track “Kill shot,” but the hashtags also pretty much spelled it out: “#legshot #rapdevilisstillNUMBERONE #letstalkaboutit.” Oh, and MGK wasn’t the only one flipping Slim Shady the bird, as the entire audience joined Kelly in giving Eminem the bird.

This wasn’t the first time that MGK responded to Eminem’s “Killshot.” Shortly after Slim Shady went all in on Kelly with the diss track – rapping lines like “You dance around it like a sombrero / we can all see / You’re f*ckin’ salty / ‘Cause Young Gerald’s b*lls-deep inside of Halsey” – MGK no-sold it. Instead, he brushed off the track with a meme taken from Dancing With The Stars, rating the whole thing a “6 6 6.” Of course, that was also a subtle plug for MGK’s own diss track, “Rap Devil.” Kelly’s song was in response to Em’s “Not Alike.” On the track, MGK accused Eminem of “blackballing” him, said Shady’s “last four albums [are] as bad as your selfie,” and pretty much said Eminem was washed up.

Don’t expect this feud to cool down anytime soon. It seems MGK isn’t content to take an L with “Killshot” and he’ll continue to battle Eminem. Em, as a source EXCLUSIVELY told, will continue to tear down MGK until he “learns his lesson.” It’s not like Eminem has ever been afraid of a rap battle. However, as these two go to war, there will be those caught in the crossfire, like Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez. G-Rod recorded himself confronting MGK in Atlanta, and called Kelly a “p*ssy” for “going for family” (For those who don’t know, this whole feud between MGK and Em started in 2012, after MGK said Em’s then 16-year-old daughter Hailee was hot.) G-Rod claims that MGK’s security team beat him up afterwards.

In less physically violent news, Iggy Azalea, 28, weighed in on the MGK/Eminem feud, since Slim Shady name checked Iggy in “Killshot,” while throwing shade at the “Fancy” rapper. “[MGK] aint’ never made list next to no Biggie, no Jay / Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho, you about to really blow.” Iggy called out Em for filling his diss track with “celebrity name drops to pad out lazy bars.” Well, in a case of celebrity Mad Libs, Ariel Winter, 20, of all people, threw shade on Iggy’s shade. “Is [Iggy] seriously Calling out Eminem for having ‘lazy’ bars,” the Modern Family star said, bringing up memories of all those times Iggy attempted to “freestyle.”

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