Madelaine Petsch Says She Swaps Clothes All The Time With This ‘Riverdale’ Co-Star

Madelaine Petsch is talking all things fashion in her newest interview with InStyle magazine and revealed that she and Riverdale co-star Camila Mendes swap clothes all the time.

“Cami [Mendes] and I do a lot of clothing swaps,” the 25-year-old actress shared. “If we’re going out, she’ll come over and help me pick out an outfit, and I’ll also go to her house and pick out an outfit. She takes a little bit longer; she’s more of a luxurious getting-ready person. If we’re like, ‘Okay, 2:00,” then 2:30 is usually when she’ll show up. I’ll get ready and then I’ll go sit and watch her do her makeup. It’s a little thing we do — it’s cute.”

Madelaine added that Camila has “such an effortless fashion, and I really like it. She’s got good taste.”

She also revealed two of her other style icons – Emma Roberts and Zendaya.

“I have a lot, [but] I think Emma Roberts has the best style. She gets it,” she shared. “And obviously Zendaya — she is fantastic.”

Madelaine added about Zendaya, “I’ve never seen her look bad, never. Not even like, 10 percent bad. What is that? What are you drinking? Can I have some of it? The fountain of youth? What’s going on? Her stylists are great.”

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