Madison Beer Is Confident She'll Score Our 'Expensive Taste Test'

Madison Beer has a lot skills: singing, songwriting, and looking gorgeous 24/7. But when it comes to knowing the difference between expensive and cheap, she’s not your gal. In the latest ep of Cosmo’s Expensive Taste Test, Maddie is given two versions of the same item and has to guess which one is cheaper.

I got to hand it to her — she’s competitive and determined. But this test isn’t easy. (Sorry, but Cosmo doesn’t give out extra points for sportsmanship). Maddie may not know the difference between cheap vs. expensive leotards (even tho she did gymnastics for several reasons…) or high-quality perfume vs. a cheaper knockoff, but in her defense, “A better product is more inexpensive,” she says.

She does know which vegan leather pants are more $$, which is a skill in of itself, IMHO. But can the self-proclaimed water connoisseur taste the difference between Fiji and good ole tap water? Or, know which microphone is of better quality? Watch her vid where all these die-hards questions are answered.

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