Mama June Says She’s Ready To Get Married Again

Mama June says the credit for her change of heart goes to her new boyfriend.

Mama June once said that she would never get married, but between the success of her daughter Pumpkin’s wedding and the budding relationship with her new boyfriend, Geno, the From Not to Hot star says she’s had a change of heart.

According to Radar Online, Mama June was recently lucky enough to watch her daughter, Pumpkin, get married to the love of her life.

Pumpkin married her boyfriend, Josh Eifred, recently in Las Vegas. Eifred proposed to Pumpkin after Pumpkin’s sister, Honey Boo Boo, caught him shopping for wedding rings on his iPad. (She later went with him to pick out an engagement ring from a pawn shop in Georgia.)

Now, while Pumpkin wasn’t sure if she’d accept the proposal from Josh on the show (since she was initially averse to getting married), in the end, they did get married, and their daughter Ella was in tow as they did.

This sweeping romantic gesture made Mama June have a change of heart about her own aversion to marriage, and now, she’s entertaining thoughts of “saying yes to the dress” now, as well.

Another reason that Mama June says she wants to change her mind about marriage is due to her happy relationship with her boyfriend, Geno.

June told Pumpkin that she now realizes that Geno is someone she “wants to spend the rest of her life with,” something that she wasn’t feeling in her previous relationships.

When June was with Sugar Bear, for example, there was nothing but problems.

Sugar Bear, as longtime fans know, is Honey Boo Boo’s father. For a time, Sugar Bear’s new wife, Jennifer Lamb, questioned whether Honey Boo Boo — who was a star before her mother was — was really Sugar Bear’s daughter.

Mama June and Sugar Bear ultimately split in 2016 after they went on Marriage Boot Camp to try to make their relationship work. (It, of course, ultimately didn’t, and Sugar Bear went off to marry Jennifer Lamb.)

Later, June said that Sugar Bear made Honey Boo Boo undergo a lot of “emotional trauma,” and as such, she would refuse to send Honey Boo Boo over to her father’s house, even though he received visitation rights.

Ultimately, Mama June succeeded in demanding that Sugar Bear “get help” before he be allowed to see his daughter, which he did for the sake of the family. Jennifer, too, learned to stay out of the middle of their custody drama, and now, all seems to be well between the warring factions.

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