Mandy Moore Reflects on That Time Her Ex Told the World He Took Her Virginity

Mandy Moore has been a staple of the Hollywood scene since before she could even drive a car, but despite her longstanding career and generally cheery disposition, it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses through the years.

The This Is Us actress took a stroll down memory lane with Howard Stern on SiriusXM Wednesday, and things hit a bump when Moore’s ex Wilmer Valderrama came up.

Quick refresher: Valderrama and Moore dated for a couple years when she was in her mid-teens, and years after the supposedly friendly exes split, Valderrama went on Howard Stern’s show in 2006 … to talk about taking Moore’s virginity.

“The sex with Mandy was good, but it wasn’t like warm apple pie,” he said, out loud, live, in public, to a nationwide audience.

Shockingly, Moore did not like that so much—especially since she says it wasn’t even true. She called him out later that year, telling Elle that the comments were “utterly tacky, not even true, and it hurt my feelings because I like him,” but now, on Stern’s show herself, she reflected on them once again.

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“I dated him when I was 16 and 17,” she told Stern. “I love him and I still love him, and he’s a very good friend and that’s why I was so shocked by it because not only was it a fib, but it was so unlike him, it was so uncharacteristic.”

When she first heard about what he said, she was understandably “hurt,” and called on him to address the claims as false.

“I remember in the moment, he like tried to explain it away that sort of he did get caught up and he maybe insinuated more than actually like outright said it,” she revealed. “I was like, ‘No, you outright said it.'”

“I was like, ‘Why would you ever talk about that to anybody? And lie about it, first of all?’” said Moore.

Today, the two seemed to have moved on, and Moore explained that they don’t “talk about it now” as she has “moved past it.”

    “I moved past it now,” she said. “I mean, this was like 2005 or something? We’re not that close, but we’re friendly. We have some mutual friends so yeah, we’ll see each other around every now and then. He came to my house a couple months ago, I had some friends over. I think he was [sad about what happened] too. He’s a good guy, he really is.”

    Word to the wise: Don’t talk about your sex life with your ex to a national media outlet. Especially if you made it up. 

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