Many Questioned Meghan Markle’s Mother Doria Ragland’s Seating Placement During Royal Wedding

Royal expert explains the royal wedding seating arrangement that has many baffled.

All eyes were on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend as the royal wedding finally took place on May 19. While the spotlight was definitely on the bride and groom, many couldn’t help but notice Markle’s mother – Doria Ragland – sitting by herself in the second row on the bride’s side.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, many fell in love with Ragland after witnessing her emotional reaction to the wedding of Prince Harry and her daughter Megan. Many, however, could not help but wonder why Doria was sitting in the second row of the St. George Chapel. Naturally, many began to question why the mother of the bride was not seated in the first row instead. Speculation, wonder, and concern slowly spread on social media.

Royal expert, Alastair Bruce, told Town & Country people were making a big deal out of nothing in regard to the seating arrangement during the royal wedding. Unsurprisingly, planning the seating arrangement for any wedding is not exactly an easy task. For such a high-profile wedding, one can expect the task to be that much harder. In addition to seating friends and family members, Meghan and Prince Harry were tasked with the job of seating multiple members of the royal families, celebrities, and politicians.

Alastair revealed the seating arrangement was simply a matter of the personal preferences of the bride and groom on their special day.

“It’s very much a matter for the bride and the groom.”

Bruce also noted that Markle and Prince Harry did enlist the assistance of Lord Chamberlain’s office to nail down the seating arrangement for the ceremony.

Many social media users pointed out the second row was a great place to put the mother of the bride as she was in perfect view of the cameras. If Ragland had been in the first row instead of the second row, viewers of the wedding might not have been able to see the beautiful – and emotional – reaction Doria had during the wedding.

Other social media users pointed out the second row seating couldn’t be that much of an insult considering Queen Elizabeth II was also spotted sitting in the second row during the wedding ceremony. She was just on the other side of the chapel.

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband – Prince Phillip – was also sitting in the second row next to his wife.

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