Mariah Carey Shows Some Skin While Wearing Tiger Striped Gown On Instagram

World renowned pop singer Mariah Carey took to popular social media platform Instagram earlier today to show off a bit of skin, and her extremely fit figure, in a move that is sure to please her most ardent fans and followers.

Wearing a flowing designer dress in a thin and airy fabric that wraps about her svelte frame and advertises itself boldly in bright tiger stripes, Carey is pictured in the Instagram snap on a flight of stairs. The dress features a plunging neckline that shows off her natural assets, a thin binder of fabric bringing the neckline together at the midst of her torso. Barely-there straps keep the entire affair afloat, hidden behind her voluminous trademark locks — her curly hair tumbling about her shoulders and collar to rest.

Her makeup is traditional, classy, demure, and absolutely stunning in its perfection and attention to detail. Slightly smoky eyes darkened with deep-hued eyeshadow allow the brightness in her gaze to shine forth, complimented by glossy lips in a nude finish and the slightest bit of blush to blend her golden complexion. Carey has chosen to accessorize with a beautifully wrought and intricate butterfly ring on her finger, in addition to a thick, blingy bangle that rests about the wrist of her left hand. The train of her long and languid dress rests about her feet, obscuring them from view, lying upon the stonework of the stairs.

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The background behind the iconic singer is a rich residential setting, ceramic or stone tiles cast in an ivory color complimenting the shade of her dress in the photographic frame. Behind her are a series of low-slung pot lights, presumably to help guide guests or residents with the tricky stairway during the late night hours. An oval cutout greets the viewer behind Carey’s left shoulder, adorned with a wooden portal styled in a loose, trellis-like pattern. What appears to be the arm and shoulder of an unknown bystander lurks in the background as well, barely within view.

Mariah Carey has begun her ascent back into the spotlight as of late after enduring a raft of bad press, according to Breakfast Television, though the road back to the top does come with difficulties, such as decreased ticket sales, even in her much advertised Las Vegas return. Whether Mariah Carey is successful in regaining the heights of her former fame is financially immaterial, with her net worth being estimated at $520 million, according to The Guardian, and artistically irrelevant as well, given her previous chart-topping successes in pop music being rivaled only by the likes of Elvis and Michael Jackson.

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