Marnie Simpson makes VERY open surgery confession

She’s made no secret of her love of surgery in the past, and now Marnie Simpson is considering getting a boob job.

The Geordie Shore star took to Twitter to claim she’s one of the only girls that hasn’t had breast implants, before questioning whether she should go under the knife.

She tweeted: ‘I feel like im the only girl on the planet with real boobies? Should I get a boob job?’

While most online users begged Marnie not to, including Love Island’s Olivia Bowen who said: ‘Don’t do it. Keep in the real titty club,’ one eagle-eyed fan claimed Marnie HAS in fact had a boob job.

The fan was clearly looking to catch the 26-year-old out by sharing a screenshot of Marnie discussing her own ‘botched boob job’ back in 2017. Hmmmm!

And a little further digging shows Marnie had a boob job in 2014 which left her with ‘deep wounds’.

She also appeared on an episode of Celebrity Botched Up Bodies and discussed how the procedure had left her looking like she’d been ‘attacked’ by an animal.

‘I had big wounds which were oozing,’ she said. ‘They were oozing green pus. They were really deep gashes, it looked like I had been attacked by an animal.’ Gross!

Earlier this month Marnie flaunted her brand new veneers, which Guy Barwell of the Implant Centre thinks are a little over the top.

‘Marnie’s veneers are just too white, which makes them look fake,’ he told Now. ‘Her natural white teeth would certainly not be as white as this and they look more forward than the original position. I’d prefer a young patient like this to consider orthodontics, with tooth whitening.’

As well as veneers and lip fillers, Marnie has also reportedly had rhinoplasty, botox and fillers.



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